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Push-Up Bra BASIC Perforated (Powder Pink)

Push-Up Bra BASIC Perforated (Powder Pink)

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2010):

The initial bra I bought was perfect it was a size 36C the straps were generous and nicely stiff, the band was nice and wide and supportive which helped diminish the "roll" as well there is boning in the 36C band. The cups in these bras are closer together which is nice as so many others are far apart and take away from the "push-up" bra effect. I decided I needed the band to be a little more snug so I ordered two 34C's, the straps are MUCH smaller and very stretchy (a lot of bounce) the band was much more narrow and NO boning. Just b/c a 34C is smaller than a 36C doesn't mean we don't need as much support, a C is still a C. With everything being more narrow it seems to cause the straps to take most of the load so you just bounce around and your shoulders ache not long after putting it on. Even though the 36C is a little loose band-wise I will definitely go with that one in the future seeing as it gives better all around support (and no shoulder pain).